To work!

Finally┬áI got down to work to make a sweater for my darling little girl. A sweater done it (… I’m taking a course mesh …), who wants to make it with me? The size is about two years abundant. I am using a superfine merino wool worked with irons from 4 to 4.5. Here’s the implementation:

Back: with needles n. 3 start knitting tubular mesh 70, then go up the coast 1 / 1 for ten irons. At this point, with no shoes Work to better shaved 4 (an iron everything straight and a reverse everything) for about sixty rods (depending on the size of the recipient) … and this is my task of the week. Then, someone is convinced to work with me? So maybe we can compare to the various questions … basically I’m a beginner and it would not hurt to learn with someone!

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