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(Italiano) Grandi lavori… o almeno progetti

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(Italiano) Finalmente

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Fashion show

The game today is called fashion. Margherita opened my closet and is pulling out all my stuff groped for wearing them. It seems very attracted to the belt. There are some dating from the very bright high school (fuxia. .. and well put!) and her after turn them around the waist for a few laps to show me the result is all smug. All this happens while the cat was stuck in a sweater at the back of the scene to look puzzled. The children have fun, learn and grow and I wonder why so many people continue to give us toys.

And speaking of toys tomorrow I begin my second year at the Waldorf school to realize this time the doll dress (last year I made a doll dress fixed that my baby loves … his “tata”) and obviously wait.



It’s late evening, back to standard time tonight, someone will be happy to sleep an hour longer, but people with small children will wake up first for a while days. Tomorrow is Halloween and I think that will draw some pumpkins for the little girl’s room and I will make some cookies, so just introduce her to this holyday. Today we were at the mall to do some expenditure and shops already selling Christmas decorations, trees, and the first product that I saw going to the supermarket was a cake. Honestly I do not like all this ahead of events just to sell more. Christmas comes in December and my family was getting the shaft 6, St. Nicholas, in Trieste, which brings presents to children. It was the day that marked the beginning of the holidays. Then I prepared the jobs to give to grandmothers and aunts and I went to the grocery store near home to get a gift for my mom. This Christmas I want a special gift … and also a template for the muffins!

Tomorrow will be a busy day because I decided that this disaster will become a museum house. When I go to visit someone always has a perfect home, but if you come here for a sudden probably do not pretend to be at home because I am ashamed of the conditions in which we hold. So for tomorrow are expected order, cleanliness, change of season clothes, and we have to find a more suitable to the living room or the child will continue to disasters. But how do you become a mom perfect? If anyone has any advice please write it, it will be taken seriously.


Today I look at my beautiful little girl and I wonder how it would spend my days without seeing her while I work and she is in kindergarten. But it did not happen.

I lost my job when my baby earthquake was born  and it was impossible to find another one, no one give a work to a woman let alone to a woman that has just had a baby. So were two possibilities: either accept poorly paid part-time jobs and sent the girl to the nest if necessary mess up their lives or stayed home with her. It was not easy for our finances, but I decided to stay with her for a few years, knowing that then it will be almost impossible to re-enter the labor market. So today this is my job, I am a mother. Twenty-four hours a day service, zero salary, labeled-nothing from the “career”women  but full of smiles, hugs and satisfactions in seeing my baby grow up happy and serene. For the rest I would say that i’m a houswife disastrous, the house is a battleground and we would not even put clothes on if someone pass every time from here ironing. But I’m a good cook and make cakes and I think I should give you a couple of my recipes.

And speaking of food I go to prepare lunch at Margherita, who is crying hungry …!

New month… new site!

There’s nothing better than starting with a beginning! The first day of the month will always be the desire to start something new. So today is the first day of the month of October I moved to my new site … more professional in my previous blog. As in all projects I must comply with the thanks. I will be very short, thanks to my husband who has put together this new site. So you’ve just discovered that I have a wonderful husband and I also have a child of 19 months, Margherita precisely. If you want to know more about me, I call you to follow on these pages. Almost forgot … I’m Catherine.

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