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Fashion show

The game today is called fashion. Margherita opened my closet and is pulling out all my stuff groped for wearing them. It seems very attracted to the belt. There are some dating from the very bright high school (fuxia. .. and well put!) and her after turn them around the waist for a few laps to show me the result is all smug. All this happens while the cat was stuck in a sweater at the back of the scene to look puzzled. The children have fun, learn and grow and I wonder why so many people continue to give us toys.

And speaking of toys tomorrow I begin my second year at the Waldorf school to realize this time the doll dress (last year I made a doll dress fixed that my baby loves … his “tata”) and obviously wait.

To work!

Finally I got down to work to make a sweater for my darling little girl. A sweater done it (… I’m taking a course mesh …), who wants to make it with me? The size is about two years abundant. I am using a superfine merino wool worked with irons from 4 to 4.5. Here’s the implementation:

Back: with needles n. 3 start knitting tubular mesh 70, then go up the coast 1 / 1 for ten irons. At this point, with no shoes Work to better shaved 4 (an iron everything straight and a reverse everything) for about sixty rods (depending on the size of the recipient) … and this is my task of the week. Then, someone is convinced to work with me? So maybe we can compare to the various questions … basically I’m a beginner and it would not hurt to learn with someone!

“Opera d’arte”

Titolo un po’ sarcastico per mostrarvi il mio primo lavoro a maglia. Si tratta di un maglione per la Margherita fatto con lana naturale non tinta e non trattata. Mi sono riproposta che sia il primo di una lunga serie e infatti sto già lavorando ad un nuovo progetto sempre per la tata; per quelli grandi ci vorrà ancora un po’ di esercizio. E queste prime giornate fredde sono un ottima scusa per farlo. Dovrei pure mettere a riparo le piante più delicate prima che la temperatura si abbassi bruscamente e ci chiudiamo tutti in casa ad organizzare i lavori manuali in vista del Natale… non vedo l’ora!

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