Lessons go on

I was a bit ‘distracted and I was neglecting one of the things I love more: the ecology and my “lessons” of washing. Today I am speaking of towels and bed linen to be washed in a washing machine without detergent. I put three tablespoons of baking soda (the one from a few cents in the supermarket) in the detergent dispenser with a scoop of sodium percarbonate and 100 ml of citric acid in 10% solution (100 grams per liter of water) in the pan ‘softening along with 4-5 drops of essential oil. I have tried bitter orange or lavender, and the result is great, but everyone can ‘choose what they like. The wash temperature is 50-60 degrees. I would like to specify that it is not casual experimentation methods that I use for some time. If I had to talk about something that I have not tried directly (like the tabs for the dishwasher) the more specific and indicate possible referral link. And speaking of cleaning today, I must continue my super reorganization of the house taking care of our bedroom because with all those clothes around now do not know where to go to sleep. I wonder if I’ll ever have a nice house organized … sometimes seems a mission impossible but I’ll have to complete in one way or another. A house clean, tidy but lived and full of memories.

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