It rains for the past four days and the whole country is flooded. At this time there is a small respite but in the coming days are still provided plenty of rain. So we must make do with spending time at home and yesterday I found a hobby very zen, cut the vegetables into small pieces.

We always have a fridge full of beautiful organic vegetables that arrive each week through the GAS so I have prepared this simple dish but very tasty. First of all ingredients:

1 / 4 leek

2 carrots

1 small eggplant

1 pepper

1 zucchini

extra virgin olive oil

granular salt

Cut the vegetables into small pieces and chop the leek. Place in a pan, season with two tablespoons of olive oil and a bit ‘of salt and mix. Cover the pot and let cook for about for twenty minutes over low heat. When the vegetables are cooked, remove cover and blow up everything for two minutes. Serve with rice. This is the dose (volume) for two and a baby.

I hope you enjoy the dish, in the meantime I continue to experience a mouth-watering recipes from around the mesh and the other in this rainy week.

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