Today┬áI leave aside the vegetables and knit to express my outrage at the collapses that occurred in these days of rain in the archaeological site of Pompei. That Italy was not a meritocratic country as we well know all but I think that it is also worthwhile. Worthy of owning most of the works of art of this world, worthy of possessing the artistic heritage that is found in the house. It ‘a shame that instead of being honored to preserve such treasures and treat them because the whole world can benefit from their magnificence, let them fall into disrepair and then they wash their hands … seeing as we have all heard that it is not anyone’s fault if something fell stood quiet for two thousand years. I’m not interested in politics and not side with anyone in particular, but I’d really like to know how this country is moving forward and if any of the politicians are doing something good for our children. But the only thing I know is on who is sleeping with who or if you have an argument with someone. Possible that Italy is falling apart (time is in the true sense of the word) but nobody talks about? There is still someone who does not gossip and information from the waiting room? But is there anyone who is interested in really getting better? I will …

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