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A grande richiesta

… magari non proprio così grande… comunque sono ritornata qui nella mia oasi personale, il mio bel prato, stanca per un anno difficile ma pronta a ricominciare bene e a riprendere in mano tutti i progetti incompiuti. E l’inizio della scuola, questa volta per entrambe (e sì è cresciuta anche la bambolina!) è un buon movente per darsi da fare. Domani riunione all’asilo e poi via… tante cose girano per la testa bisogna tirarle fuori rendendole concrete. Buon ritorno a scuola a tutti.

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Today I look at my beautiful little girl and I wonder how it would spend my days without seeing her while I work and she is in kindergarten. But it did not happen.

I lost my job when my baby earthquake was born  and it was impossible to find another one, no one give a work to a woman let alone to a woman that has just had a baby. So were two possibilities: either accept poorly paid part-time jobs and sent the girl to the nest if necessary mess up their lives or stayed home with her. It was not easy for our finances, but I decided to stay with her for a few years, knowing that then it will be almost impossible to re-enter the labor market. So today this is my job, I am a mother. Twenty-four hours a day service, zero salary, labeled-nothing from the “career”women  but full of smiles, hugs and satisfactions in seeing my baby grow up happy and serene. For the rest I would say that i’m a houswife disastrous, the house is a battleground and we would not even put clothes on if someone pass every time from here ironing. But I’m a good cook and make cakes and I think I should give you a couple of my recipes.

And speaking of food I go to prepare lunch at Margherita, who is crying hungry …!

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